Berry Brain Freeze Smoothie

I used to make smoothies for breakfast a lot, but I always hated pulling out the big, bulky blender.  Recently, though, I finally did myself a favor and bought a hand blender (got a great deal on it too).  So much easier!!!  It was high time I made myself a smoothie for breakfast. Never mind that it’ll give you a brain freeze in the middle of winter!

I’m no chef, nor am I a foodie.  I did not use a recipe; I just used what I like and when I didn’t have enough liquid to make the blender happy, I just added more.  All ingredients here are just suggestions.  Use what YOU like!
This will make approximately 500 mL (2 cups) which, depending on your appetite, will make 1 big serving or 2 small servings.

What you’ll need:

a handful of frozen sliced strawberries (lots of vitamin C)
– a handful of frozen blueberries (fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants)
– a handful of frozen sliced banana (about half the banana) (potassium, manganese)
***I bought, washed, sliced, and froze the fruit the day before.  Use pre-packaged frozen fruits, if you prefer.***
– about 3 tbsp vanilla yogurt (calcium, protein) (Have you ever tried organic vanilla yogurt?  If you haven’t, I urge you to.  You WILL taste a huge difference!  I tried strawberry yogurt with artificial sweetener in it recently and it was so repulsive to me.)
– about 1/2 cup of milk (calcium, protein) (I prefer using milk as opposed to fruit juice as my liquid so I get a calcium boost.)
– about 2 tbsp wheat germ (fiber, B6, thiamin, folate, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, selenium)

You can get an idea of approximately how much of each ingredient I used here on the left, although I did add quite a bit more milk as I blended.  (The milk is at the bottom of this cup; the yogurt is the gloppier stuff in the middle there.  Remember that I had to add more milk as I blended than what is show there.)  I like my smoothies on the creamier and thicker side, but if you prefer more of a certain ingredient or a different consistency, by all means, you’re the one drinking it, so do it!

Once you have all the ingredients in your container, blend away until you reach the desired consistency.

When I was finished blending the smoothie, I suddenly remembered that I wanted to add wheat germ to the mix.  (I had never tried it before today.)  Not to worry, I just dumped the desired amount on top, then blended until it was incorporated.

Then it was time to enjoy my delicious and nutritious breakfast!

Try it, you’ll love it!  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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