Jackson Fusion Tap & Summer Sessions

We Cadancers have been working very hard on our choreography, especially now that we are just under 5 weeks away from showtime! Check out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) what we’ve been up to in preparation for the show by searching for #jacksonfusion.


Saturday, May 14 at 8:00 pm. Gesù Theatre at 1200 de Bleury, Montréal, QC H3B 3J3.

KlaXson returns for its 8th production to celebrate pop music’s royal family: the Jacksons.

For the first time in a single show, Jackson Fusion Tap will feature music from the entire family: The Jackson 5, The Jacksons, Michael, and Janet.

For this special occasion, various members of the dance community are joining forces to pay homage to the musical icons.JacksonTapFusionOfficialPoster

La 8production de la troupe KlaXson célébrera la musique de la famille royale de la musique pop : les Jacksons!

Pour la toute première fois, Jackson Fusion Tap présentera, dans un même spectacle, une partie de l’œvre des Jackson 5, des Jacksons, de Michael et de Janet.

Afin de faire honneur à ces icônes de la musique, une communauté de danseurs s’est réunie et collaborera avec a troupe KlaXson pour faire vivre aux spectateurs un moment d’intenses émotions!

Don’t miss out on this show where you’ll see not only KlaXson tappers and Cadance jazz dancers (Cadance’s 5th collaboration with KlaXson!), but other special guests like Powell School of Dance, Scream Dance Academy, Studio 88 Swing, and Saiko Skematics. Tickets are available through http://www.admission.com, but you can also get them through KlaXson or Cadance to save on the service charges.  RSVP to the show’s Facebook event and help spread the word!


After the show, we will take a small break and then have two mini summer sessions.  For the first time, in addition to our summer open-level jazz class, we’ll have a new class:  Absolute Beginners Jazz Bootcamp.  If you aren’t sure what the difference is between a plié and a pirouette, first position and second position, or your right from your left, this class is for you!

You can register and pay for the sessions now (in person or conveniently online) – save $$ when you register for both sessions.

SUMMER SESSION 1 – (4-week session) May 31-June 23

SUMMER SESSION 2 – (4-week session)  July 12-August 4

Tuesday Thursday
5:15-6:00 Pilates+Barre
6:30-7:30 Absolute Beginners Bootcamp 6:00-7:00 Groove fitness/dance
7:00-8:30 Open-Level Jazz

See you at the show and in class!
~ Rachel

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