It’s showtime, folks!

Well, here we are two nights before the show and I’m a mix of emotions – nervous, excited, energized by the prep, and really tired at the same time!  Aside from all of the time we have spent in class working on technique and learning the choreography, we have been rehearsing a lot lately.  I’m really proud of my students who have been putting in a lot of sweat hours to bring our Montreal audience a great show.  Tomorrow we have dress rehearsal and Saturday we dance before a crowd of (what we hope will be) adoring fans!  If you don’t already have tickets, contact Admission.

Don’t forget that we have two special mini-summer sessions coming up (starting May 31).  For the first time ever, Cadance is offering Absolute Beginners Bootcamp.  If you’ve never danced and/or you feel like you have two left feet (or maybe you’re not even sure which one’s the left!), then this is the class for you.  We’ll have Pilates+Barre and Groove Fitness/Dance as usual and we’ll also have an open-level jazz class.  Register and pay in class or online.

And before we see you at the show this Saturday, take a look at our pre-show activity on Instagram – a bit of a teaser, if you will.
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