Mini Summer Session

It’s summertime in Montreal, which means it’s festival time! There’s no doubt that my favorite festival is the Jazz Festival (which is why Cadance’s sessions never overlap with it!).

Whatever your favorite festival or activity is in Montreal, I hope you are able to take advantage of it.  Summers in Montreal are so fleeting…then it’s back to wool sweaters and snow boots. :(

I wanted to share a few photos from my Jazz Festival experience thus far (there are still six days remaining!).  Not only is there great (lots of free!) music to discover, but the festival also has some really interesting buskers/performers and patrons (the pirate is NOT paid to be there :)  …he’s there to take in some music just like me!).

Did you go to the festival?  Who were some of your favorite acts?

And if you couldn’t see by the number of photos shown here that Mariachi Flor de Toloache was my favorite (I saw two of their four shows at the fest), here’s a short video I took of their show. Feel free to dance along to the music at home. :)

Now, on to business. :)  Our last mini-summer session of four weeks is July 12-August 4.  Then we take another little break before we dive into the big fall session (September 6-December 15).

6:30-7:30 Absolute Beginners Jazz Bootcamp

5:15-6:00 Pilates+Barre
6:00-7:00 Groove fitness/dance
7:00-8:30 Open-Level Jazz

New on the schedule for the summer only is our Absolute Beginners Jazz Bootcamp. If you aren’t sure what the difference is between a plié and a pirouette, first position and second position, or your right from your left, this class is for you! In this hour-long class, we’ll work on coordination of basic steps to the music. Challenge yourself by concurrently taking open-level jazz class to get a feel for picking up more complex choreography.

Check out the event on Facebook and invite a friend to join the class with you!  Treat your body to a strengthening session of Pilates, dance and sweat along to a great playlist in Groove, or refine your dance technique and do some fun choreography in Jazz.

Until then, maybe I’ll see you at the jazz festival!

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