I wish I’d been doing Pilates all my life! I’ve been doing Pilates for 7 years and am feeling fantastic (I’m turning 75 soon). Since the pandemic I’ve been doing Pilates twice a week – it has made a huge difference in my flexibility, posture and mindset.



Pilates is a low impact exercise program that packs a punch. Rachel Santos delivers that punch. Rachel is a dynamic and energetic instructor. With her knowledge and dedication to her craft, Rachel zeroes in on your strengths and weaknesses. Her classes are always fun, and challenging at the same time!

During these difficult times, it is important to stay healthy both with mind and body. Rachel has helped me both in studio and now virtually. I have been able to stay toned and to “breathe” again during our classes. She has helped me to stay motivated and on track. Rachel has helped me ease back into regaining my strength and flexibility. The Pilates world needs more instructors who are devoted and caring as Rachel.






Rachel is a very caring and observant teacher, especially with this “older” pupil. She is meticulous, never hesitating to correct each position with great delicacy to ensure the most effective exercise. She provides clear explanations that help to understand the how and why of the exercises and ensure progress. She displays a thorough knowledge of the body and movement. The classes I have taken with her have been very effective and most enjoyable.


Friends, stretch those muscles and get that blood flowing with one of Rachel Santos’ virtual classes. Highly recommend!