Virtual Barre

Join me on Thursdays at 12:00 EDT online for virtual barre to work on your balance, strength, and flexibility to a great playlist! I’ll take you through a great workout inspired by ballet and Pilates that will work every muscle.

Instead of a ballet barre, you can use a chair/countertop to help with balance, but it’s not required. We will also do a portion of the barre workout on the floor, so a yoga mat or towel can also be helpful. We sometimes incorporate light hand weights, elastics, etc., so see below for some ideas on equipment substitutes.

Please be sure to register for class at least two hours in advance. Once you have registered for barre on the website, I will add you to the Google Calendar Event so you can get the link for the Google Meet/Hangout. Once class has begun, I unfortunately won’t be able to check emails and send you the link. And if for some reason you can’t make it, please let me know so I don’t wait for you to log in to the class.

To ensure the best virtual class experience possible and for equipment substitution ideas, read here!

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Registration for the session @ $11/class (including taxes). You must select ALL dates for the session.
When you register for the session, you’ll get a special price on Enhanced Replays membership. Get access to hundreds of Pilates, barre, and bonus videos for the duration of the session. You’ll receive the coupon code upon successful registration.
Drop-in @ $11/class (including taxes).

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