Virtual Pilates

Just because we won’t be seeing each other physically for the next while, doesn’t mean we can’t stay active and fit together! 🧘‍♀️💪

Join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm EDT online! All you need for our Pilates class is some space on your floor. If you’ve got a yoga mat, towel, or rug you can lie down on, even better!

Once you have registered for the class on my website, I will add you to the Google Calendar Event so you can get the link for the Google Meet/Hangout. For a short tutorial on Google Meet/Hangout, check out the video I made to (I hope!) help you get set up! 😬Please be sure to register for class in advance (even 30 minutes in advance should be sufficient). Once class has begun, I unfortunately won’t be able to check emails and send you the link. And if for some reason you can’t make class, please let me know so I don’t wait for you to log in to the class.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines REGISTRATION

Please fill out the form below and indicate which class(es) you are signing up for.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines  WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY

I hereby declare the following:  I understand that participation in Pilates, dance, and any other conditioning activity presents some unavoidable risk of injury, especially to people who have pre-existing injuries, illnesses, or medical disabilities.  I understand that the use of exercise equipment also carries with it risk of injury.  I understand a medical evaluation is advisable before starting any program of physical conditioning or exercise.  I intend to keep Cadance Jazz & Pilates fully informed of any physical condition or disability which would prevent or limit my participation in an exercise or physical conditioning program.  I acknowledge that neither Cadance Jazz & Pilates nor its employees are engaged in diagnosing or treating medical diseases or deficiencies.  I expressly assume all risks of my participation in the programs conducted by Cadance Jazz & Pilates and its personnel as a result of personal injuries, property damage/loss, or wrongful death resulting from or relating to my participation in Pilates, dance, and fitness programs. I acknowledge that I am choosing to do Pilates in my own space and I am assuming responsibility and liability for being aware of my surroundings and limitations, as well as screen sharing with others who have the ability to see me, and absolve Cadance Jazz & Pilates (Rachel Santos) of liability when using this service.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines PAYMENTS

Please consider a donation in an amount of your choosing (suggestions: $3, $5, … $16, $18/class) if you find value in what I am providing. Or you can apply your existing session/à la carte package to the classes. But please feel no pressure to do so, as I don’t know how many of you are no longer earning, or are earning a reduced an income.

Donations via e-transfer to (password: jazzpilates) or via PayPal.

If you do choose the free option, please consider sharing our classes/page/events on social media, recommending to friends who may be interested, or leaving Cadance a review on Google/Facebook/Yelp instead of a donation. I thank you very much for moving with me! 🙏 💃 🕺