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With Montreal now in the yellow zone, we will open our doors again for a hybrid model of classes: in-person with a virtual option! I am so excited to welcome you to the studio for this summer’s 8-week session July 5- August 27!!!

With this hybrid model, you can come take jazz and Pilates at the studio with me. If you are not ready for that yet (or if you don’t live in Montreal!), you can choose the online option.

Registration for virtual classes (via Google Meet) remains the same on the website. Follow the prompts for in-person class registration (it has changed slightly from the last time we’ve had in-person classes).


Have you been wanting to attend a Pilates class, but you were afraid you’d be in over your head? That if only there were a little intro class you could do before you joined the group, you’d be at ease? Or maybe you’ve already taken your first (or several) Pilates class and you were left wondering what the heck was the teacher talking about when she said “imprint”? Or how can I modify the Hundred to make it work for me?

That’s exactly why I’m making this video FREE to you! Whether you’ve never tried Pilates before, you have a limited understanding of it, or you would like to review the basic principles of the breath, alignment, and beginner exercises, this class is for you! And you can watch it as many times as you’d like!

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I’ve broken this class up into chapters for easy reviewing so you can head to a particular exercise that you need. Please contact me if you have any questions and I would be happy to help you along with your Pilates practice!

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Group classes – virtual and in-person

Private & semi-private lessons virtual and in-person
Jazz Dance (Technique & Special Choreography Projects)
Pilates Reformer/Tower/Chair (private only)
Pilates Mat
Barre Workout
Hot Booty Ballet

You can schedule private and semi-private lessons at your convenience. It’s great complement to group classes because I personalize the lessons to work on exactly what you need! Please see our full price list for more information or contact us for more specifics.

Insurance receipts (Naturotherapy) for private Pilates issued upon request.

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about us

Cadance’s Mission

Cadance provides you with a fun, inclusive, no pressure atmosphere in which to move and express yourself.  Whether you are new to dance/Pilates/fitness, used to do it and want to get back into it, or have been moving all your life, Cadance has a place for every BODY!

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I was a beginner at Pilates when I joined Cadance a few weeks ago, and now I’m totally addicted! Each class, Rachel carefully chooses a variety of exercises, for an amazing workout! I feel so much more energized thanks to Cadance. Thank you very much!


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