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We’re all trying to figure out how to carry on through this challenging time of crisis. As we head into this third week of quarantine and social distancing, I’d like to make my classes available to anyone who needs them. I’m hoping that during this period of quarantine and social distancing, we can flatten the curve and we can start getting back to normalcy sooner than later. The current guideline is all non-essential businesses will be closed until April 13, however schools will be closed until May 4.
It is a huge challenge, but it will take all of us in the community working together to manage this situation and minimize the spread of COVID-19. I think the best thing we can do now is stay informed, practice common sense preventative measures (wash your hands!), and carry on as best we can. As the weather starts to get warmer, go for a nice walk in the park. You can still stay active through this challenging time.
>>> If you wish to participate in Pilates, Jazz, or Barre classes online, check out our schedule for more details. For private classes online, please contact me to schedule your appointment. Just because we won’t be seeing each other physically for the next two weeks, doesn’t mean we can’t stay active and fit together! 🧘‍♀️💪
I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation. I miss you all and I wish you all good health!

Cadance has moved! Read more about the changes here.


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about us

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Cadance provides you with a fun, no pressure atmosphere in which to dance.  Whether you’ve never danced a step in your life, used to dance and want to get back into it, or you have danced all your life, there is a class for you.

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Group classes
Jazz Dance // Pilates Plus
Please see our class schedule for times and registration. Drop-ins always welcome!
Hot Booty Ballet – Ballet by the Water classes use a different booking/payment system and take place at a different location.

Private & Semi-private lessons
Jazz Dance (Technique & Special Choreography Projects) // Pilates Mat // Pilates Reformer/Tower/Chair (private only) // Barre Workout // Hot Booty Ballet // FitDance
Can be scheduled at your convenience. A good complement to group classes. Personalised lesson works on exactly what you need! Please see our full price list for more information or contact us for more specifics.
Insurance receipts (Naturotherapy) for private Pilates issued upon request.

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For anyone looking for quality beginner adult dance classes (which are hard to find), this is the place. Rachel is welcoming and a highly skilled instructor for all levels, shapes and sizes.

Elizabeth C

I was a beginner at Pilates when I joined Cadance a few weeks ago, and now I’m totally addicted! Each class, Rachel carefully chooses a variety of exercises, for an amazing workout! I feel so much more energized thanks to Cadance. Thank you very much!


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