Welcome to Cadance!

Bienvenue à Cadance!

Cadance rainbow logo with OG Mandino quote: "I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars."
“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
– OG Mandino

We at Cadance and Universal Dance Studio had worked so hard to bring back our in-studio classes in the safest and most secure way possible. We all followed the rules about distancing, wearing masks, and washing our hands. And yet, here we are, facing another closure of the studio.

However, with Montreal’s red zone designation, even with one or two people in class, I am not allowed to teach. I was so happy that, after three weeks, I was finally getting into the groove of teaching the hybrid classes and that you were all along for that ride. Thank you for sticking with me! 

We will keep the current schedule as is. Registration for virtual classes (via Google Meet) remains the same on the website. I hope you’ll join me online – let’s keep the momentum we’ve started to build up and keep moving!

I hope to see you again in person on October 29 – or whenever the Quebec government gives us the green light. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!


Virtual Jazz, Pilates & Barre Classes

Cadance has moved! Read more about the changes here.

Cadance Jazz & Pilates has moved to 3429 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal
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about us

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines Cadance’s Mission

Cadance provides you with a fun, inclusive, no pressure atmosphere in which to move and express yourself.  Whether you are new to dance/Pilates/fitness, used to do it and want to get back into it, or have been moving all your life, Cadance has a place for every BODY!

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Group classes
Jazz Dance
Pilates Plus
Barre Workout

Please see our in-studio and virtual class schedules for times and registration.

Private & Semi-private lessons
Jazz Dance (Technique & Special Choreography Projects)
Pilates Reformer/Tower/Chair (private only)
Pilates Mat
Barre Workout
Hot Booty Ballet

You can schedule private and semi-private lessons at your convenience. It’s great complement to group classes because I personalize the lessons to work on exactly what you need! Please see our full price list for more information or contact us for more specifics.

Insurance receipts (Naturotherapy) for private Pilates issued upon request.

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Whether you’ve been dancing for years or have no dance experience whatsoever, you will feel right at home from the moment you first step into Cadance dance studio. Rachel is an experienced, generous and wonderful instructor who greets every client with a warm heart and smile. From her private lessons to her group dance classes, Rachel fills the room with her positive energy and constant encouragement which creates a stress-free & fun learning environment. The group classes are small and intimate which allows Rachel to give individual attention and care to each student. You will learn a lot and quickly see an improvement in your dance ability as Rachel constantly gives friendly tips and advice from her background of professional dance. Rachel is open and motivated to help you reach your goals in the spectrum of her class, whatever that may be. Cadance jazz dance classes will not disappoint! 


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