Please let us know if you would like to see FitDance classes on the Cadance schedule!

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines What is FitDance?
Get your groove on as you develop functional strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination, and reduce stress!

FitDance class is for ALL bodies and abilities! Each week, we listen to a great playlist, usually based on a theme, like a movie musical, the ’80s, a TV show, and so much more. This is not a traditional dance or fitness class, but we get our sweat on.  I give you very simple steps (no complicated choreography) where you get to explore making it your own. This 55-minute class is like rocking out in your living room with friends (feel free to sing along!) and you won’t realize you’ve just had a really great workout! Leave the class feeling energized and happy!!!