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Reservations for group classes (Pilates only), privates (Pilates and jazz), and choreography rehearsals can be made in person, by phone, text message, or email.  If you have registered for the session, you will have a standing reservation in that particular class.

• There are no refunds for missed classes; registered students may make up absences within the same session only.  There are no refunds once you have paid for the session or an à la carte package, unless for valid medical reasons.  A $20 withdrawal fee will apply.
• À la carte packages are valid for six months from first use. They may not be transferred to another student, nor may classes remaining in the package be applied toward tuition for a session.
• For session-registered Jazz, Pilates, Barre, or FitDance students who also have an À la carte package:  With at least 24-hours notice, you may make up your missed class by attending another group class within the same session.  With less than 24-hours notice of your absence, you forfeit the missed class.

To avoid being charged for private/semi-private classes/choreography rehearsals not attended, you must provide a full 24-hours’ notice to cancel or change an appointment.  Cadance understands there may be unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from attending your class/rehearsal.  However, this policy is vital for the good functioning of the classes/rehearsals and wait-listed students.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Comfortable and form-fitting clothing allows the teacher to better assess posture and movement. Jazz shoes are ideal, but not required for jazz. During the pandemic, I will ask that you wear dance shoes or appropriate socks for your classes. NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR IS PERMITTED BEYOND THE STUDIO ENTRANCE.
Kindly refrain from using heavy fragrances/perfumes, as other participants/teachers may have allergic reactions. Please set the ringer on your mobile phone to ‘mute’ or ‘vibrate’ prior to the start of your class so as not to disrupt the other students.
Before each of your classes start, you will need to fill out the online COVID-19 Declaration. Please note that masks are required to attend class in studio, in addition to the other safety measures we’ll be following (hand hygiene, distancing, modified exercises/choreography).