Jazz Dance

It’s time to work on those rib cage isolations, pirouettes, and chaîné turns in jazz dance class! I’ll have you jazz walking out of the studio like nobody’s business!

Whether you are not ready for in-person classes, or perhaps online is simply more convenient for you, click here for more information about Virtual Jazz dance group classes.

If you’d prefer private classes, head to the bottom of the page to get started!

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines What is jazz dance?

Jazz dance is a common form of dance used in musical theatre and the commercial and entertainment industries. While it has its roots in social dance and is heavily influenced by African-American traditions, the technique is based on elements of ballet and modern dance, incorporating syncopation and isolations of the body.

If you’d like to read more about its history, click here.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines Jazz dance Class description

Students of all levels work on gaining strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, musicality, and performance skills. Classes include a warm-up, technique exercises, across-the-floor exercises, choreography, and stretches. Various styles are covered throughout the term, for example: Broadway, funky, lyrical, contemporary, thrash, and everything in between. Above all, Cadance classes allow students to work on their technique in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere!

Wanting to practice some of the technique exercises and combinations from across-the-floor?  Check out the tutorials playlist on our YouTube page!

jazz dance Class levels

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines Beginner

Introduce basic jazz dance movement vocabulary, dance terminology, and exploration of different styles. Focus on musicality, body placement, and isolations. The beginning student will learn fundamentals of chaîné turns, pirouettes, basic ballet barre exercises, and other loco-motor movements, such as ball change, jazz square, chassé, and cross ball change.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines Intermediate

Expand jazz dance movement vocabulary and dance terminology, continuing to explore the different styles. Build performance skills, working on more complex choreography and across-the-floor combinations. The skills the intermediate dancer should have include single jazz pirouette, chaîné turns, jazz pas de bourrée, isolations, contractions, and flat back.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines Advanced

Continue working on different styles, learning stylized combinations that focus on style and performance. The more experienced dancer should be able to execute split leaps (grand jetés), center split leaps, double and triple pirouettes, and other advanced tricks such as kicks, leaps, and turns.

CadanceLogoFigureDarkerLines  PRIVATE dance classes

Private classes are tailored to what you would like to work on! Want to perfect your pirouettes or prepare for an audition? Or maybe you just prefer a private dance class setting. Whatever the reason, you can book your spot (one-hour or hour-and-a-half blocks) so you can get to dancing!

*My availability for private classes sessions is Monday and Wednesday mornings. There are a few, limited openings for Tuesday and Thursday mid- to late-afternoons. 

You’ll be able to schedule your sessions about three months out. Here is a short video I made to help you through the booking process.