Rarely have I felt more welcome in a dance class.  Rachel is an engaged and knowledgeable teacher and makes the class fun without compromising her teaching method.  The warm-up and technical work provide an amazing and balanced workout, and Rachel’s ability to create brilliant choreographies for all levels really made me feel like I was progressing as a dancer and helped me to build my confidence in my movements both in and out of dance class.

~ Nadine of R.A.M. Management


My name is Susan Powell.  I am the Artistic Director of ECOLE DE DANSE POWELL SCHOOL OF DANCE Inc.  I am a classically trained dancer, teacher, and choreographer.  With my husband and partner, Anthony Powell, I am a professional ballroom dancer and former Canadian competitor.

ECOLE DE DANSE POWELL SCHOOL OF DANCE INC. of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, is a multi-disciplined dance school. My three daughters, who are all professionally trained dancers, are teachers in the school.  Lindsay, Hilary and Ainsley Powell have trained with Rachel Santos in jazz ballet since 2008.  She has also choreographed for them for our year-end production.

Rachel is a highly-qualified and accomplished dance professional. To say her work is creative and inspirational is an understatement.  Each of her choreographies shines like a well-cut gem.   As a dancer, she is high-skilled with exceptional technique.  Rachel is a very soft-spoken and caring teacher.  Her students admire and respect her.  She is very dedicated and hard-working and devoted to her students and to the art of dance.  On a personal level, she has also become a friend and a mentor.  I would strongly recommend Rachel Santos and Cadance to student dancers wishing to pursue their expertise in jazz ballet.

~ Susan Powell, Artistic Director POWELL SCHOOL OF DANCE


I find that Cadance offers quality jazz classes, focused on technique. Although the courses are rigorous, it’s a very pleasant environment. The music is great! I discover new artists every time. What I like most about the class is my teacher; she is very talented, passionate and lively. She tends to all of her students to make sure we improve, that we’re able to progress at a good rate with special attention to our weaknesses.


Cadance offers great dance classes for beginner or intermediate level dancers! The classes are friendly, sociable and encouraging! Rachel is a great teacher who takes her time with her students, yet still pushes them to reach there capabilities! I have learnt a lot from this class and continue to learn a lot each and every week! 5 stars! keep jazzin!


I had a wonderful time learning and performing with this dance school!


For anyone looking for quality beginner adult dance classes (which are hard to find), this is the place. Rachel is welcoming and a highly skilled instructor for all levels, shapes and sizes.

Elizabeth C

I really enjoy the Pilates and Dance classes. I’m a beginner and feel totally comfortable. Rachel is able to break down the steps and moves in a manner that I am able to keep up and enjoy
myself. Cadance offers a welcoming, relaxed, fun environment while providing a great opportunity for a fun work out. I highly recommend to anyone looking to get dancing and moving.

Elizabeth P

Really enjoy Rachel’s classes – she is really patient and a great teacher! I had ZERO dance experience so was a little nervous about starting out but there was no need to be!


I took some private lessons from Rachel and it’s hard to imagine how they would have gone any better. She was very responsive about working on exactly what I wanted instead of doing the opposite which some other instructors do. Also she just had a great general vibe about her, she was fun to be around, and had really high energy level. I’d recommend her to anyone without even stopping to think about it.


Whether you’ve been dancing for years or have no dance experience whatsoever, you will feel right at home from the moment you first step into Cadance dance studio. Rachel is an experienced, generous and wonderful instructor who greets every client with a warm heart and smile. From her private lessons to her group dance classes, Rachel fills the room with her positive energy and constant encouragement which creates a stress-free & fun learning environment. The group classes are small and intimate which allows Rachel to give individual attention and care to each student. You will learn a lot and quickly see an improvement in your dance ability as Rachel constantly gives friendly tips and advice from her background of professional dance. Rachel is open and motivated to help you reach your goals in the spectrum of her class, whatever that may be. Cadance jazz dance classes will not disappoint! 


I was a beginner at Pilates when I joined Cadance a few weeks ago, and now I’m totally addicted! Each class, Rachel carefully chooses a variety of exercises, for an amazing workout! I feel so much more energized thanks to Cadance. Thank you very much!  (2018)


For all my friends who want to stay fit and try something new, here are some virtual Pilates, Jazz and Barre workout classes. The teacher is amazing and gives you feedback during the class.


Friends, stretch those muscles and get that blood flowing with one of Rachel Santos’ virtual classes. Highly recommend!


Rachel is a very caring and observant teacher, especially with this “older” pupil. She is meticulous, never hesitating to correct each position with great delicacy to ensure the most effective exercise. She provides clear explanations that help to understand the how and why of the exercises and ensure progress. She displays a thorough knowledge of the body and movement. The classes I have taken with her have been very effective and most enjoyable.






Pilates is a low impact exercise program that packs a punch. Rachel Santos delivers that punch. Rachel is a dynamic and energetic instructor. With her knowledge and dedication to her craft, Rachel zeroes in on your strengths and weaknesses. Her classes are always fun, and challenging at the same time!

During these difficult times, it is important to stay healthy both with mind and body. Rachel has helped me both in studio and now virtually. I have been able to stay toned and to “breathe” again during our classes. She has helped me to stay motivated and on track. Rachel has helped me ease back into regaining my strength and flexibility. The Pilates world needs more instructors who are devoted and caring as Rachel.



I wish I’d been doing Pilates all my life! I’ve been doing Pilates for 7 years and am feeling fantastic (I’m turning 75 soon). Since the pandemic I’ve been doing Pilates twice a week – it has made a huge difference in my flexibility, posture and mindset.