successful performance

I would like to congratulate all of the dancers from Cadance and KlaXson and all of the other invited guest  performers on a job well done in KlaXson’s Greatest Hits.  Most of all, Pierre Hobson, the Artisitic Director of KlaXson, deserves kudos for putting together an awesome show – his best yet.

Pierre Hobson and some of his KlaXson dancers even made it to CTV’s What’s On!

For some of my Cadancers, this show at Place des Arts’ Cinquième Salle (September 9 & 10) was their first ever opportunity to perform in front of an audience; for some, their first since childhood; and for some, this was just one of many, many shows along the way.  Regardless of their differences in experience, I am very pleased with how seamlessly all of the Cadancers moved together to bring the choreography to life.  And also with how they looked out for one another, both in rehearsals/class and during the show.  This last year has been an amazing journey!

I am looking forward to a break from show choreography to get back in to normal class mode for the next year.  But I am also looking forward to Cadance’s next collaboration with KlaXson in 2012 …….

See you in class next week so we can be prepared for 2012!


**fall session September 14 – December 16**