And the winners are …

In the Cadance 5th Anniversary Awards …..

  • For the category of Winning the session absolutely free:  Ainsley
  • For the category of Winning 50% off of your session: Chelsea and Jade
  • For the category of Winning $55 off of your session:  Lindsay and Krista

Congratulations to the winners!!!  You can see the video of the drawing that my silly husband filmed (to be sure there was no cheating!).  And thank you again to my loyal students just for being Cadancers!

I wanted to share another video and Cadance’s YouTube channel.  There’s only one video so far, but I hope to add more – especially from the Broadway workshop!  In class this week, we did a short choreography to Friday, that song/video by Rebecca Black that people love to hate (or possibly even hate to love?).  There’s a fun (or depressing – depending on your point of view) version of it by a comedian to which I could not resist dancing.

Also, don’t forget to make your payment by April 22 for upcoming Broadway jazz workshop, so you can get the early-bird price.  It’s going to be fun!  I haven’t decided yet on the other choreography, but Cats is definitely on the docket.

And get your Cadance t-shirt/tank top orders to me soon.  Which colors will you get?

Have a wonderful Friday (and weekend too!)!!!


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