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We are completing our fourth week of the fall session and it really is beginning to look like fall out there.  The leaves are turning all sorts of beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, and reds and people are going out apple picking on the weekends.  But if you’ve missed out on the session thus far (which runs until December 18), worry not, as you can still attend as a drop-in or conveniently use an a la carte package.

There have been some Cadancers expressing interest in adding a Cadance t-shirt, tank, hoody, or pair of pants to their wardrobe.  I need a minimum of 10 orders to proceed, so check out the items on the website here.  Remember that colors are always subject to availability through American Apparel’s wholesale warehouse.  Submit your orders (with a 2nd and possibly 3rd choice of colors) with payment by Sunday, October 26.  Which conveniently leads me to…..

Mark your calendars for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 10:00-12:00. Part 2 – the chorus! We’ll continue what we started on August 24. If you didn’t have a chance to learn part 1, don’t worry! Everyone will learn the chorus from scratch, then we’ll review part 1. Just in time for Halloween!

Have you always danced along with MTV’s first world premiere video, Thriller? Or have you always wanted to learn the moves from the video that was voted as the most influential pop music video of all time? Now is your chance!!!

With Cadance Jazz, you will get to learn the choreography from Thriller and have the opportunity to perform it on stage in 2016. Whether you are already a part of Cadance or Klaxson, or if you’re just curious to see what Cadance is like, YOU are invited! Bring a friend or two…..

There will be opportunities down the road (TBA) to rehearse/refresh the choreography. Please RSVP to this event and share (this flyer ThrillerWorkshopPart2, if you wish) with your friends so you can be part of the Jackson magic!

Please note that this special FREE workshop will take place at the Klaxson tap studio.

A bit more about the show………


JACKSONS TAP FUSION SHOW 2016, a tap & Jazz dance show, features 50 songs from the music of the Jackson 5, Janet Jackson &Michael Jackson. KlaXson Tap Dance School & Cadance Jazz is set to begin this choreographic journey in September 2014. To celebrate this journey we are inviting tap dancers & jazz dancers of all levels to join our ranks and be a part of the family. Work is set to begin in September 2014 and the show is set to be presented at Place Des Arts (tentative) in May of 2016.

Students can expect to be in the following full cast numbers, Thriller, Off The Wall, Ease on Down the Road, Smooth Criminal, Bad, and Man in the Mirror in addition to several other pieces to be announced at a later date. Jazz dancers will have the pleasure of being in the following numbers, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, Rhythm Nation and Control with still yet other numbers to be announced at a later date. To be a part of this show students must simply register and show up to their respective classes.

KlaXson Tap Dance School
Pierre Hobson
4055 St. Catherine Street West Suite 129

Cadance Jazz
Rachel Santos
9 St Catherine Street East Suite 101


And in case you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet (and why haven’t you???), you may not have seen the photos from our last show.  Here’s a sampling of them and you can check out more in our album on Facebook.

WIld HorsesLucy in the Sky WIth DiamondsSomethingHonkey Tonk WomenA Fool to CryEmotional RescueAngieBackstage1Backstage2Backstage3


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  See you in class and at the Thriller workshop!



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