new session this week; Thriller workshop pics

Our new session begins next week!  I’m excited to continue choreography for our May 2016 Jackson Tap Fusion show.  Cadance Jazz dancers will be learning choreography to songs like Thriller, Beat It, Blame It On the Boogie, Love Never Felt So Good, That’s the Way Love Goes, Control, and Rhythm Nation, etc.  If you are new to Cadance and have attended one of the Thriller workshops, you can save $25 when you register for the session.  If you have questions about class level, don’t hesitate to ask.  Remember that we also have Pilates Mat classes to help strengthen your core and Groove fitness/dance classes to help you get your cardio on!  A great compliment to your jazz class. :)

SPRING SESSION – (12-week session) March 31-June 18

Tuesdays – 6:00-7:30 – Advanced/Intermediate Jazz

Thursdsays – 5:15-6:00 – Pilates Matwork Plus
Thursdays – 6:00-7:00 – GROOVE fitness/dance
Thursdays – 7:00-8:30 – Beginner/Intermediate Jazz

Drop-ins always welcome!


If you missed out on the Thriller workshop this time around, don’t worry, we’ll have more coming up.  Connect with Cadance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure you stay up-to-date.  Below are a sampling of pictures from last Sunday.  You can see we had a surprise participant – the legendary Ethel Bruneau!!  And you can check out all of the workshop pictures (even from the previous ones) in our album on Facebook.

11075135_839810959421783_7736448237049306339_o 11080352_839810969421782_3036158627516378549_o 11080759_839811499421729_7493396539786241970_o 11087792_839811659421713_4966277793778390741_o 10255471_839811789421700_2522720430267447332_o 10255534_839811949421684_172427151559585942_o

See you in class!


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