6-8 weeks of torture

Well, I just finished up my weekend of examinations for the Stott Pilates Matwork certification.  I am so relieved I could cry!  Since October when I began the training, I have deprived myself of reading for pleasure and have limited my reading of my Real Simple subscription (the best magazine in the universe, if you ask me!).  Every time I did read my magazine or watch television, feelings of guilt came over me for not studying.  Now I am happy to say that I picked up my book that I had put down in October and read it on the way to work this morning.  I can also spend some time on Facebook status-surfing without worry that I’m wasting precious studying moments.

So, how did my exams go?  I took the written exam on Friday and I feel pretty confident that I will make it to at least the 80% mark.  (My total for the written + practical must = at least 80%, with a minimum of 75% for each portion.)  Luckily, 25 points were allotted to muscle recognition from pictures and I felt uber-confident about those.  I really took my time, though, and went through each question again at the end, just to be sure I didn’t make some d0d0-bird move.

I took my practical exam on Sunday and I was pretty nervous about it.  I had the good fortune of having friends to help me do a “run-through” of the practical exam the week before and the morning of the exam.  Thanks again, Katie and Krista!  Although things didn’t run quite as smoothly as they did in the run-throughs, I felt much better prepared had I not done the run-throughs.  Before the exam, I asked my instructor-trainer to indicate to me after the exam if I should be concerned or if I could relax, as I would not know the official results from the Stott Headquarters for 6-8 weeks.  Yes, 6-8 weeks!!!  How can they torture us poor students with such a long wait?!?!  In any case, my instructor-trainer reassured me, in not so many words, that I need not be worried.  :-)

So, yes, I am relieved to be finished with my training and certification process and now I can move on with my regular routine.  I am also eager to be starting some new choreography projects soon.  I will keep you all posted if I will be adding “Certified Stott Pilates Instructor” to my resume or not.  Fingers crossed ….


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