My favorite small Pilates equipment


When you’re maintaining your Pilates and/or barre workout practice at home (because you are, right? Right?!), there are substitutions you can make if all you have at your disposal is a mat or simply a towel on your floor.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout and I’ve made a short list of simple household items you can use instead of these props. However, if you’re ready to round out your homework with some small accessories, then these following items (and where you can buy them) are a few of my faves.

Magic Circle

I was lucky enough many years ago to be able to buy my lot of Fitness Circles at Winners. But not sure if that lightning will strike twice. Once you have acquired yours, my pro tip to you is to not let your circle rest on the heater….the circle will become a teardrop!

Merrithew Fitness Circle Lite (also available through Walmart and Amazon)


I prefer dumbbells for working on grip strength and they feel more ergonomic than Toning Balls. I have no preferred brand, but I have these 2-pound dumbbells and 1-pound dumbbells at the studio and they were quite affordable.


I like this Merrithew Flex Band over the latex versions because it’s wider and really durable (and it doesn’t have that latex smell! But I do find this version staticy.)

Mini Stability Balls

I have these two sizes: small and large. I honestly don’t really have experience with other brands, but other brands are probably also fine.

Massage balls

Franklin Easy Grip Ball Set

I LOVE the Franklin Easy Grip Balls! The nubs/spikes are very gentle.

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